General information & rules concerning usage of the common areas of the Macquarie Quay private estate

Access to the apartment blocks & use of the under-croft parking areas

Each block has a sign, giving details of the house name and apartment numbers that are accessible from the communal entrance.

All apartment block entrance doors are operated with keys, which are unique to each block.

All apartments have entry phones, to permit secure entry of genuine visitors. (Please DO NOT let any unknown visitors in to the building)

Please ensure all doors are firmly secured behind you after any entry to, or exit from, the building.

Vehicle access to the undercroft parking bays is via the automated entrance gates using electronic fobs, which operate the gate nearest to your parking bay.

Tenants should obtain electronic gate fobs via their landlord/letting agent and owners direct from the managing agent.

Please DO NOT manually open gates (except in an emergency) as they may then require to be manually closed or re-set.

Please keep your parking bay clean and tidy. The storage of any hazardous/inflammable materials in parking bays is FORBIDDEN.

Please DO NOT park in any circulation areas or outside of your bay, as this could affect access and may, therefore, lead to a fixed penalty charge.

Bin Stores

Bin Stores are for exclusive use of apartment residents, so please use the Bin Store nearest to your particular block.

Please only place sealed bagged domestic waste in the large blue paladin bins, which are emptied weekly.

Please do not place any large items, such as furniture mattresses or electrical items in the Bin Stores, as these are not collected by the council.

Various wheelie bins for re-cycling of glass, cans and newspapers are housed in the Bin Stores and waste should be re-cycled wherever possible.

Communal Areas

All communal internal/external areas are maintained by the managing agent on behalf of the management company and for the benefit of all residents.

Playing (especially ball games), in any of the communal or internal/external parking areas is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Please do not leave any rubbish or personal items in communal areas or outside apartments, as these may be removed during periodic inspections.

Please note that SMOKING in any of the communal areas, including the undercroft is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

External Car Parking

Residents car parking is only permitted in the bays that bear the number of the relevant apartment.

Visitors (including visiting tradesmen) may park only in the bays clearly marked with a "V" and only then providing that a valid and fully completed visitor parking voucher is clearly displayed in their vehicles. A maximum of 26 vouchers per apartment per 2 month period are available direct from the managing agent.

No other parking is permitted on the block paved areas of Macquarie Quay. The parking restrictions are vigorously enforced by a specialist parking enforcement company, with fixed penalty parking fines for any vehicles that are parked in breach of the above rules.

The parking of commercial vehicles (not on official business) and also caravans is not permitted anywhere on the development.

It is the apartments occupier that is responsible for ensuring that visitors are aware of the above parking rules and that vouchers are provided to such visitors.

The roadway around the grass quadrangle, is proportionately and collectively owned by the Town House freeholders surrounding it. Any obstructive or inappropriate parking on this road, is the joint responsibility of the town house owners to address and resolve.  VQMC Ltd have no responsibility or jurisdiction of this roadway for maintenance or parking controls.

Questions or Problems

If owners have any problems or questions regarding the interior or private areas of an apartment, please refer these to a relevant contractor, or in the case of tenants, to your landlord or letting agency. Please only contact the managing agent if you have any questions about, or problems with, any of the communal areas or facilities of the development.


Victoria Quay Management Co Ltd, will hold an AGM annually. The date , time, venue and Agenda, to be notified to Freeholders and Leaseholders, at least one month in advance of the AGM, by means of a ‘Calling notice’.
Attendance is limited to Freeholders and Leaseholders only (Not Tenants).
Any voting undertaken at the AGM, is limited to one person per household, and MUST only be by the Freeholder or leaseholder in the first instance.
In the event of joint ownership, the first named person on the freehold or lease is the designated person. The second named person may only vote if in possession of a ‘proxy voting slip’, signed by the first named person. (application can be made to the land registry to reverse the first and second named persons if required)
Alternately the Freeholder or leaseholder May designate a person to perform a proxy vote on their behalf, but they MUST also be in possession of a signed proxy voting slip.
Proxy voting slips will be sent to all Freeholders and Leaseholders as an attachment to the ‘calling notice’, in advance of the AGM.
The management company reserves the right to check the validity of attendees at AGMs for voting purposes.
(These requirements are defined in the Victoria Quay Management ‘Articles of Association’)

Terms of Residency

All residents of Macquarie Quay are bound by the terms of the lease, which is a legal document signed by all owners, whether resident, or letting their property. The lease also binds residents who rent and their landlord or letting agent must have informed tenants of the lease terms and conditions, prior to occupation. Please note that if you are a tenant and have not signed to agree to the terms of residency, your landlord is probably in breach of lease.

The following list covers the main points of the terms of residency, which must be adhered to by all tenants and owners of apartments.

  1. Each apartment is for the occupation of one household only. No student lets or sharing is permitted.
  2. No resident shall do or omit to do anything that may become a nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance to others.
  3. No resident shall cause any noise nuisance between 11.00 pm and 8.00 am, in a way which may be heard outside your apartment.
  4. No permanent washing lines may be erected and no laundry should be dried or aired in highly visible positions. (Discreet airers only are permitted)
  5. No aerial or satellite dish may be erected or attached directly to any of the walls of the building. (Discreet dishes on balconies may be permitted)
  6. No animals shall be kept in apartments without prior written consent of the Management Company. If consent has been given, such animals must not cause any nuisance or disturbance nor foul any communal parts of the property.
  7. No advertisement or hoarding including "For Sale" and "To Let" boards may be erected, attached to the property or displayed in anyway. Any such signs that are fixed to the outside of the property may be removed without notice.
  8. Communal windows are regularly cleaned. Residents are responsible for keeping their own apartment windows clean inside and outside.
  9. No damage shall be done to any part of the buildings, paths, gardens or access roads.
  10. No obstruction may be caused to any of the communal paths, passageways, parking spaces or access roads.
  11. Only currently taxed and registered private cars and motor cycles may be parked on the development and only then in the designated spaces in the undercroft parking areas and forecourts.
  12. No illegal substances may be brought on to the property and/or used within apartments, or any other area of the private estate.

This summary does not replace the lease, but is intended only to provide informal guidance. If there should be any occasion when any of the above is in dispute, then the lease shall be used in preference to this summary.

Nuicance Policy

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