VQMC Persistent Complainants and Unreasonable Communication Policy

  March 29, 2024

Dear Leaseholder,

The VQMC Persistent Complainants and Unreasonable Communication Policy has been approved by the Board, effective as of 20 March 2024. This policy has been introduced to safeguard our volunteer directors from repeated, unreasonable, and/or vexatious enquiries, ensuring the smooth functioning of VQMC Ltd.

Key Points

The Board is committed to dealing with all complainants fairly and impartially.

The term ‘unreasonably persistent complainant’ is used for the purpose of this policy, not with a view to labelling individuals or denying their right to complain, but rather to identify the characteristics of a small number of complaints which, if not dealt with properly could:

• have a detrimental effect on members of the Board and Staff;

• result in resources of VQMC, which are funded by leaseholders, being used inefficiently.

• dissuade a reasonable person form volunteering to be a Director of VQMC.

The policy also sets out what action the Board will take if they think an individual is behaving unreasonably, or in a threatening manner which could be a criminal offence. Whilst efforts will be made to engage with the individual, the Board and Staff are entitled to rely on this policy to guide their actions

You can read the full policy at this link.

This policy is instrumental in maintaining a respectful and efficient communication environment within VQMC Ltd, ensuring the well-being of our volunteer directors and the effective use of resources.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


VQMC Board of Directors

Complaints Policy 

Can be found at this link